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Our specialized curriculum and/or programs are individually adapted to meet the needs of every child as determined by family, clinicians, teachers and medical professionals. Most staff members have Master’s degrees. Other highly qualified staff includes multiple registered and practical nurses, 2 physical therapists, 2 occupational therapists, and 2 speech pathologists. These and various other services including hearing, vision, and mobility are assigned from Central Office, full or part time, as determined by the IEP’s of the children. Each of our nine classrooms are staffed with a highly qualified teacher and at least two assistants. The program is provided following an integrative model. This requires all staff to go into the classrooms and work collaboratively with the other adults. The premise of this theory is that skills acquired in a natural environment are more often generalized into daily living.

Technology is another avenue towards knowledge for our students. We strive to make sure that all of our computers are working and have the appropriate programs to meet the diverse needs of the staff and students. All of the classrooms are equipped with computers, laptops, and iPads. Many of these devices are adapted with equipment that enables the children to have access to the internets’ plethora of information. Many of the students receive augmentative communication evaluations from the assistive technology team at central office.

We welcome high school and college students from several area schools. Although these students have a variety of goals, they report gaining a tremendous amount of knowledge regarding physical challenges and learning styles. Other community alliances and contributions include regular visits from police officers and firefighters.

We are continuously working to improve our school and educational program. Please see our Continuous Improvement Work Plan (CIWP) to find out what we are striving towards.

Wilma Rudolph Learning Center

Holly Dacres, Principal
Dana Galati, Assistant Principal

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